About Nerve Bomb comics

My comics are a place for me to let off steam after drawing cartoons all day for the man. I genuinely love my day job and the opportunities to work with others as part of a team, but there is also a special satisfaction in doing something creative all by myself.

That is why I like making comics whenever time permits. I only wish that I could manage to find the time to do it more often...

This is a companion site to my self-published NERVE BOMB comics, and is a place to show any other projects that I do purely for fun. Info about past and future issues of Nerve Bomb comics and my Gourmet Gruel sketchbooks can be found in the SUB-MENU to the left, including some reviews. If you'd like to look at some Nerve Bomb comics then here are some samples. If you want to BUY some of my books then go to the STORE, where there is also some MERCHANDISE for sale.

If you want to see my professional work done in animation check out my Portfolio, where you'll find some samples of storyboards and character designs and whatnot.

Let me know what you think about what goes on here. You can

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